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Depicting scenes from Lincoln's childhood and important moments in his political life, this unique, hand-carved screen in deep relief was actively bid for and found a new home from a collector from the state of Illinois. It sold for $29,625. Click to see more highlights.
  Meet Our New Staff
New Hire - Libby LaRochelle
Libby LaRochelle is a new part time employee here at Julia's, and was a crucial part of getting the Fine Art, Asian & Antiques division prepared for our summer auction. She is now doing the same for our Firearms division. Her enthusiasm and ability to adapt quickly, paired with extensive office experience has proven very beneficial for each division that she assists.

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In Pursuit of Collections
We are again in the process of vetting private collections, such as a wonderful group of carriage clocks, for our upcoming Winter Fine Art, Asian & Antiques sale. Preliminary inquiries of antique furniture, weathervanes and fine art are coming in daily. Such as a wonderful group of American School Folk Art portraits from a private collection, a selection of Arts & Crafts furniture; most by Gustave and L & JG Stickley and Early American New England tall clocks.

You can call Tony or Bill at 207-453-7125, or email us at antiques@jamesdjulia.com

Tony Geist Tony Greist has been with Julia's for 6 years as the Assistant Sales Coordinator in the Fine Art, Asian and Antiques Division. He has 40+ years of full time experience.

What's It Worth
with a whimsical expression of innocence. Beautifully carved with a whimsical expression of innocence and retaining its original polychrome painted surfaces, this figure is typical of the smaller advertising figures used throughout tobacconist stores as part of countertop and table displays during the latter part of the 19th century. Sold for $9,480.
Folk Art
Throughout the last several years, fine Folk Art, especially American examples, have held the interest of collectors throughout the world, which has gone hand in hand with the stability of value for these unique items in an otherwise unstable environment.

Whether something as simple as a "Jack Tar" whirligig with graphic features and boldly contrasting painted surfaces, or a large example of an Indian maiden holding a sheaf of tobacco, images of this style of art come to the mind of even the most casual observers. The intrinsic beauty is captured in the simplest forms of expression. These are but some of the reasons that we at James D. Julia auctions are constantly alert for any new discoveries in the field that we can offer to our clientele.

Our search may include beautifully carved ship's stern boards or fanciful figure heads, a carved figure of Gabriel blowing his horn, to a full bodied copper weathervane of a fire engine, a beautifully wrought friendship sampler from Newbury, MA, to a signed and dated game board of bold, graphic design.

While one often hears fantastic stories about the discovery of a rare one-of-a-kind item hidden away at the back of a shed or under the eaves of an attic room, more often than not unique folk art items have been in plain view for years. Either in someone's personal collection or simply mounted in a place of honor within one's home. The act of "discovery" and the subsequent placement of a weathervane or a carving at auction for offering to the public is only a matter of an auctioneer and the owner of the item to be fortunate enough to come together at a particular time and place. The end result is a moment of excitement during the time that the object is placed on the block for sale, and after fierce competition arriving at a new home.

This scenario is often repeated and always surrounded with an aura of mystery and suspense: A new discovery in the world of folk art. For this reason, we at Julia's are constantly on the lookout for new treasures and discoveries that we can offer to our buying public. We look forward to making your acquaintance in the near future to introduce a discovery together.


Rare intaglio scrimshaw tusk
Rare intaglio scrimshaw tusk

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At James D. Julia, Inc. we are always seeking high quality antiques of all types for our year-round auctions. We offer the best seller commission rates in the industry, as low as 0% for high value items and collections. Please contact us directly at 207-453-7125 to learn more or if you are considering consigning one item, an entire collection or an estate to auction. All inquiries are confidential and without obligation.